ASSOCIATION OF PAST PUPILS The Association of Past Pupils is a movement of lay people, conducted by lay people, but encouraged and inspired by the Salesians. It has its individual character which should be respected. It is autonomous. It may exist not only by the inclusion of Salesian. It may not be dependent only by the presence of a Salesian.
The Association of Past Pupils does not exist only by itself. As a movement it is not something separate. It belongs to the totality of the Salesian Family. It should be very conscious of this. It should act in this way. It is necessary that it should have the feeling of solidarity in the Salesian Family. The movement should be present in the activities of the other groups of the Salesian Family, and invite the others to take part of the movement own activities. Association of Past Pupils has Two Levels: Local Association – it has a close relationship with the local Salesian House (like DBTS Phnom Penh) in her work: develop initiatives, supports and cooperates with the initiatives of the local Salesian House. National Federation – it has a close relationship with the Salesian Provincial and the Provincial Council. This cooperation and information is essential. There can be independent National initiatives, like National Congress. There can be joint initiatives with the Provincial and his council, like National Day for Salesian Family. Dissemination of information and subjects in different directions a.) Horizontal – between the mutual associations (leading to a mutual knowledge and to a enrichment in each other’s work). b.) Vertical – between the association and the federation (The Association must inform the Federation about all their initiatives so that the Federation has a knowledge on what is happening throughout the Federation.) c.) Horizontal – between the local association and the local Salesian House to which it belongs (The Salesian should have attention, should know and should wherever possible be present at the activities organized by their local association.) d.) Horizontal – between the Federation and the Provincial and the Provincial Council. The Federation should make a report each year to inform the Salesian Province. SECRETARIAT is the junction of communication within the organization. It is the means by which mutual help is provided between Past Pupils, within the Association/ Federation and with the local Salesian Community and with the whole Salesian Family. Some Tasks: Keep all the addresses of the Past Pupils of the Association (paying or not) Point of announcement for all kinds of information, concerning the Association/Federation The address for all correspondence of the Association/Federation The place where the meetings can and usually will be held Keep the reports of the meetings and events Keep the accounts of the Association/Federation Look into the Sponsorships Keep records and archives of all equipment purchases and disposals The place where to have knowledge of National Laws that may concern the existence of the Movement Practicalities: Have a good and continuous agreement with the local Salesian Community. This is very important because this is the base for stability in your work, not depending on the personality of individuals. There’s a difference between the local Association (Secretariat likely to be at home of the Secretary) and the National Federation (Secretariat by the National Secretary likely to be in the Provincial House or in own house) The division of responsibilities between several persons is very important. It is vital to avoid problems in the future. Ex. A division for: the Treasurer, the person responsible for the file of addresses & database, the secretary, the person responsible for the youngsters, etc.

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